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IP Based Video Surveillance - making a right choice.

Market gives you hundreds of brands to choose from. From respective names to some unknown manufacture that will put whatever label you want on the product you want. Naturally, everyone has one question - what brand should I use?

For us the answer is obvious, for you... well, this is why you are reading this. How do most of us define a reputable and reliable company?

  1. -Company’s dedication to the line of product. It is no secret - some companies are producing everything under the sun, from wall clock to refrigerators. This type of companies will most likely to produce products for “general use”. Type of product that you would comment on - “It’s ok but I wish it...”

  1. -Company’s involvement in technology that is used for the product being produced. While some companies are participating in the technology development, others are just trying to piggy-back on others success.

  1. -Company’s position in the marketplace, worldwide. You obviously do not want to buy products rated #5 from the bottom.

After considering all 3 aspects the choice is obvious - Axis Communications and here is why:

  1. -Axis Communications is a company specializing in manufacturing IP cameras and print servers.

  2. -Axis Communications is a pioneer of IP Video Surveillance with the first IP camera being released to the market in 1996. Axis Communications has R&D facility (research and development) and well know for producing its’ own video surveillance optimized processor.

  3. -Axis Communication’s market share in IP Video Surveillance is over 33% worldwide.

The choice is yours - stay with the leader or complain how unreliable is the solution you got. And if you do not believe - “google it” - see how others rate Axis products.