“We do not need it, we are in a safe area and there were no robberies here” - the most common oversight.

Video Surveillance has gone much further then that. It helps to prove wether or not event has occurred - box falling out of the truck during loading/unloading, person falling down on a wet floor, unpaid parking ...

You might not take it serious until it is too late and there is a law suite against you for something you did not do.

Our company’s target is to help protecting you from liability claims based on false statements. This is why we partnered with world’s leading  IP Video Surveillance manufacture Axis Communications (cameras) and Milestone (enterprise video management platform).

Most common questions are:

“Isn’t analog cameras better” - No, they are not. If they were, we still would have been in “audio tapes and video tapes” age. In our opinion going with analog cameras is almost the same as shopping for VCR in 2009.

“How do I know if the camera I’m looking at is an analog camera?” - if it connects directly to DVR (NVR) or PC with multichannel card on the back - it is analog solution that is being converted to digital. If the camera plugs directly into a network switch (hub, router) using a network cable - it is a true IP camera (true digital)

“Why live view and recorded video is better with IP cameras” - video in any analog solution (even if it called digital because it records to DVR) is being converted at least 3 times: video getting into the camera (analog) is converted to digital (in the camera), then converted back to analog (at the exit point of the camera) and then back to digital when the signal finally gets to the PC/DVR/NVR. Any conversions of analog signal or interference caused by near by electrical boxes/fluorescent light and such causes a loss of quality. Video in IP camera is converted from analog to digital only one time - when video gets into the camera.

“What are other benefits of IP cameras?” - Besides the fact of having a better quality picture, most of Axis cameras have additional options available for you. PoE - power over ethernet - which means that you will no longer need to provide power to the camera as it will take it from the PoE network switch over a standard network cable. Newer models have High-PoE pre-802.3at standard which allows you to run outdoor cameras without running electrical to the camera locations. Most models have input/output connector which allows to connect external devices - i.e. door strike (you can open the door straight from the camera), door sensor which when activated can cause a camera to Pan/Tilt/Zoom directly at that entry point where door sensor was activated. These are just some of the benefits.

If you are still not sure if IP based video surveillance is for you - we offer free demo at your office (IL, southern WI and northern IN) at no charge or over the internet (other locations)

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