Access Control

Access Control doors, swipe card access, computerized door access control.... all of those names basically represent one thing - ability to grant or deny access to certain areas to certain people.

There are two major benefits in having access control system - security and convenience.

Security aspect of the access control system is ability to grant or deny access. Access is being granted based on entry point (i.e. door), user and time or any combination of those. I.e. - cleaning personal can enter the building only between hours of 7pm to 10pm on Mondays and Thursdays through the employee entrance only. Depending on the type of the access control system you can also control access to parking garage, elevators, etc. When access control is integrated with video management solution, in addition to logged entry you will get a video confirmation of the entry (i.e. one employee found someone else's card and accessed the door as someone else).

Convenience aspect is just as important as security aspect. Now, instead of carrying a bunch of keys from the different doors, all you need is a card (keyfob, pin code) which will get you any place where you’ve been given rights to enter. You can also unlock certain door automatically during business hours (i.e. main customer entrance) and automatically lock them after business hours. Depending on the model of access control system, you could also have light turned on automatically when first person comes into the office and shut-off when the last person leaves.

Access Control systems went through their own evolution. From a primitive lock, to a combination lock, to a stand-alone access control system and finally - network based access control system.

Unlike with older system, you no longer need to run to each entry point to change combinations on locks (or run with a laptop to each door to reprogram it). Adding/removing users can be done from any PC on your network. All management tasks can be done the same way.

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