IP Cameras

Global Data Technologies Inc. specializes in IP video surveillance cameras by Axis Communications. There are few reasons for us to use this brand exclusively. Some of them are:

For non-technical people:

  1. -Axis Communications is the pioneer and a world leader in IP surveillance cameras. First IP camera in the world was made by Axis Communications in 1996.

  2. -Axis Communications market share in IP video surveillance is over 33% worldwide.

  3. -Most of Axis cameras carry 3 years manufacture warranty.

For technical people:

  1. -True IP cameras, “computer with the lens”.

  2. -Most cameras come with I/O block which allows to control other devices or generate an action based on the event (i.e. - open a door strike; cause a PTZ camera to turn towards the area where contact was activated, etc.)

  3. -H.264 option straight at the camera level allows to decrease network traffic as well as storage consumption.

  4. -Indoor/outdoor, day/night, PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) models available

  5. -much more.

Axis Communications products are price protected. However, special project pricing is always available. Please check out the list of the most current models as well as MSRP prices.

Some additional information is available with Axis_Product Guide.pdf.

Please direct any questions or inquiries to 224-765-0775 or info@globaldatatechnologies.com. Alternatively, you can browse directly to Axis Communication web site.

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