Network security appliance is a separate topic of discussion and this is why we separated it from our “IP Networks” page.

Network security appliance can be compared with a door which requires a key on both side so that you can not enter or exit without the key.

Most of the “Retail store purchased router” will require you to have a “key” to enter from outside but really do not care what gets out.

Here is a scenario. Your employee brings usb drive/cd or downloads the file of the internet which has a “mail born virus”.  And now this virus (if your antivirus software is outdated or it was a new virus) freely leaves your network and starts its’ journey to the cyberspace… Depending where it lands – you might get sued. Another example – instead of spreading a virus, you are sending out (unintentionally of course) your customer (and your own company’s) information…

This not entirely that simple but… you now have an idea.

Hundreds of people will say – we have an antivirus software and this is great! However…. It is always the competition between virus/spyware writers and antivirus writers.  Installation of Network Security appliance will add an extra level of security and control. In addition to the actual security, there are other useful options included:

-QoS – quality of service. Service allows you to prioritize your network traffic. Something that is very crucial for real time applications such as Voice-over-IP.

-VPN – either site to site or remote access VPN. This allows you to encrypt and therefore to increase security on communication between remote sites (if multiple offices) or between you main office and remote PC (access from home)

-Content filtering – allows you to block specified categories of web sites (inappropriate for business).

-Anti-spam filtering – no more junk mail.

-and more….

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PCI (Pay card industry) is looking into security of networks. Implementation of security appliance can definitely help you being PCI compliant.

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