IP Video Management

When the need arises to provide a reliable, flexible, scalable and open platform software solution for video surveillance - Global Data Technologies Inc. chooses Milestone.

Milestone software can be divided into 3 main categories as far as targeted audience:

  1. -For very small commercial or homes installations - Milestone XProtect Basis Plus.

  2. -Mid-size commercial with single location - Milestone XProtect Professional.

  3. -Organizations with multiple locations or with very large camera deployments - Milestone XProtect Enterprise or Corporate editions.

See the product matrix for list of differences - Milestone XProtect Comparison Chart

Unlike most of proprietary platforms, Milestone software can be integrated with different camera brands, access control devices, point of sales machines, video analytic products (i.e. - license plates recognition etc.) and more - this is one of the biggest benefits of open platform.

Feel free to check out Milestone Transact and Retail too.

As Milestone certified integrator our company offers variety of services starting from design to installation, integration (with other products - i.e. - access control) and support.

Please direct any questions or inquiries to 224-765-0775 or info@globaldatatechnologies.com. Alternatively, you can browse directly to Milestone web site

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