VOIP (Voice-over-IP)

Voice-over-IP is becoming more and more popular. Every day companies (and individuals) are switching to VoIP so that they can take advantage of the new features and also cost savings associated with VoIP phone service.

There are a few things that you must be aware of. Voice-over IP requires reliable network not only inside of your office (house) but also fast and reliable broadband or DSL connection.

Feature set of VoIP services is enormous.

See below:

- Hosted PBX vs. own PBX

  1. -Call Groups

  2. -Remote Office

  3. -IVR (“Digital Receptionist”)

  4. -Time Conditions

  5. -Call Hunt

- Voice Mail and Voice Mail to Email

Here are a couple of scenarios which might help you to get a better understanding of VoIP.

  1. -Travel agency with multiple offices in the city. There is T1 in the main office with PBX installed in the office. Remaining offices have DSL/Broadband connections and $0 of phone expenses since all calls are coming through the main office (this is a live scenario).

  2. -Large commercial with a single location that wants to be able to create and change when needed custom music on hold. Additionally they want multiple phone groups. Group will receive a call based on the area code where the call was originated from (this is a live scenario).

Here, at Global Data Technologies Inc., we offer 2 types of services - Hosted solution (we “rent” you a PBX) or your own PBX. We have plans that fit everybody’s needs. We also offer SIP trunks.

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